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Dear Friends of SANNI Foundation

It has been an unprecedented first six months of the year for SANNI’s projects, with both the Myanmar coup and the devastating second wave of Covid-19 in India. Having both sites of SANNI’s projects so greatly impacted has been a significant challenge but our interminable commitment to our projects and our incredible staff have ensured our projects not only continue but grow to overcome these challenges.

In this newsletter I will provide an update on our projects and show you an important reminder of the impact of our Child Sponsorship project.

I wish you a very nice summer!
Susanne Schroff

A young family wait to be seen by a doctor in Myanmar

Our projects in India and Myanmar

In Kerala, India, our St John’s Hospital continues to provide a complete one-stop service for fighting Covid-19 with testing, treatment and vaccinations all offered on-site. This is a vital line of support to ensure vulnerable and impoverished communities continue to have access to health care. St John’s will provide 5,000 vaccinations to these communities and we will continue to work closely with the local health authorities to create a uniformed response to stop the spread of Covid-19.

In Myanmar, with almost all public hospitals closed due to the coup, our Lotus clinic has become one of the few places to freely access professional health care for thousands of impoverished households in one of the largest slum areas in the country. With increasing food prices, cash scarcity and mass unemployment, the Lotus clinic, which also provides counselling and food support, is a vital public service during this extremely difficult time.

Both countries’ child sponsorship programs are fully operational and continue to distribute vital support like food, education and household items to the most vulnerable families and children.

St John’s Fever Clinic in India, to treat Covid-19 patients

A new life begins

5 year old Htet Wati Aung first came to our Lotus clinic in Myanmar almost three years ago with her mother. Both were severely sick with undiagnosed HIV. The father lived separately and did not support the family and the mother was struggling to care for herself and her children. The mother and daughter immediately received counselling to educate them about their health, freely received treatment and medication and Htet Wati Aung was enrolled onto our child sponsorship program.

Her health and nutrition improved quickly, and our doctors often remarked about how bright and playful she was every time she came to visit! Her sponsorship also meant that she and her mother didn’t need to fear growing hungry again and that she could start school and not worry about being forced to work for food.

When we asked her what she wants to be when she’s older she said she can’t decide between a teacher or a dinosaur! Whatever her dreams develop into as she grows up, we will be there for her, to support and encourage a new and happy life where she can be independent and excited for the future.

Htet Wati Aung with her mother in our centre in 2019


For less than CHF 1 a day, you can sponsor a child and join our mission. A sponsorship – or a one time payment in our children’s fond – provides a child living in poverty with nutritional, educational, household and hygiene support as well as special tuition and vocational training when they’re older.


We would like to reiterate that our projects in Myanmar have no affiliation with the Myanmar military and any donation to our Myanmar projects do not go through any military-controlled systems. We have secure means of transfer into the country to ensure the continuation of our projects. If you have any questions, please contact us on

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