What is the situation like in India and Myanmar?

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Dear Friends of SANNI Foundation

For the past 18 months there has been no break from crises and the importance of SANNI’s programs has grown and grown. During the first waves of the pandemic the impoverished communities we support in Myanmar and India were struggling mostly due to the socio-economic consequences of a lockdown. However, now we face a renewed major health crisis in India, and we are preparing for this to spread into Myanmar where the coup is still at large with public infrastructure like hospitals so reduced they cannot be relied upon.
Last year taught us about adaptability, I think this year will teach us persistence. SANNI cannot slow down, we cannot divert or pause, we have to persist and keep working to ensure the impoverished and vulnerable do not descent further into poverty in a continuing time of crisis.

Susanne Schroff

Vaccination training

India´s second wave

In Kerala, India, where our St John’s hospital is located, there are an average of 25,000 cases of COVID-19 a day. Our dedicated medical teams are working with the local government to work together and fight the spread. We have:

  • Set apart 25% of hospital beds to treat new positive cases.
  • Erected a new emergency fever clinic for COVID-19 screening near the hospital.
  • Converted a neighbouring medical building to treat more positive patients, with oxygen supplies ready.
  • SANNI have created a new fund to greater support the hospital in this extremeley trying time.
  • St. John’s is vaccinating against COVID-19

“In this great hour of need, we stand together. Our medical teams, social workers, teachers and general workers are all working together to protect the community, ourselves and the children living in our care home.”
Father Jose, the director of the St John’s Medical Village and long term SANNI partner.

Father Jose with the children living at SANNI Bhavan, they have just completed their end of year exams and enjoying a break!

SANNI Foundation persist in Myanmar

It has now been over 3 months since the Myanmar military’s coup and there is continuing escalation of conflict, often with the most needy and vulnerable at greatest risk.

SANNI’s Lotus clinic and child sponsorship program are still operational and provisions have been made to ensure the continuity of the programs. We have stored multiple months’ worth of medication in case of supply chain disruptions, and we have adapted our food package distribution to sponsored children to make it easier for them to receive support.
It is paramount that these projects continue, now more than ever the vulnerable and impoverished need our life saving support.

For example Thin Su: She is a 4 year old child in our sponsorship program at home. She lives with her mother and they had great difficulty getting food during the pandemic and coup, but thanks to their sponsor they don’t have to worry about going hungry.

Thin Su zu Hause

Would you like to help?

If you would like to donate to our projects, please visit www.sanni-foundation.ch/en/donations-how-can-i-help/. Or if you have any questions please contact info@sanni-foundation.com and we will happily assist. 100% of all donations go straight into our projects.

Esther Hnin prepares food packages for the sponsored children to collect. Full safety gear is worn to protect the children and themselves

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