Newsletter September 2020

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Dear Friends of SANNI Foundation,

The past six months have presented new challenges to SANNI requiring us to adapt and find new creative solutions to pursue our mission. Sticking to our core principles which drive our daily actions, was pivotal to reach new goals and see the SANNI children prosper:
We support vulnerable children living in poverty to improve their current living standards and create new opportunities to build an exciting and productive future.
In this newsletter, I want to highlight the impact of SANNI’s Myanmar Sponsorship Program and share the results we can achieve through it. Thank you for helping us to create aspiring futures for thousands of youths!

Kind Regards,
Susanne Schroff

Finally off to school!

Si Thu Htet joined our sponsorship program this year in February. He was 10 years old, had never been to school, and had to work if he wanted to eat. His parents passed away when he was a toddler, leaving just him and his 70-year old grandmother to support themselves. The two fortunately share a close bond; however, survival was extremely difficult for them and they were struggling on a daily basis. Our Community Outreach Team met them and found him a sponsorship. Nowadays, they don’t need to worry about growing hungry and Si Thu Htet will finally start school! He’ll be older than his classmates, but he is excited to learn how to read and write. We will continue to support him and help him discover his own skills to become an independent, educated young adult.

I want to be a doctor when I‘m a grown-up!

Tone Tone lives with his grandmother in one of Myanmar’s largest slums in northwest Yangon. He was born with a heart disease that often makes it hard for him to keep up with his friends on the playground. His grandmother is partially blind and cannot work. The situation got worse when Tone Tone’s mother died and they were left by the father. In 2016 we learnt about their difficult circumstances and started with a sponsorship. Thanks to the sponsoring support, they now gratefully eat every day, Tone Tone attends school and has access to important items like mosquito nets, blankets and clothing. It’s his dream to become a doctor when he’s older and, as he uses to say, “help children like me with difficult hearts”. Together with Tone Tone’s sponsor, we can help him create his own fulfilling life.

Counting to a brighter future

Kyaw Swar Tun loves learning about maths, especially when there’s a difficult problem he can’t solve because “it means I can learn something new”. 5 years ago, he and his younger siblings lost their parents and lost hope of ever returning to school. Instead, they had to work to feed themselves. Thanks to a sponsorship we’ve been able to work closely with Kyaw Swar Tun and regain his trust and a vision for the future. Kyaw Swar Tun is able to continue studying and is focused on rebuilding his and his siblings’ lives. Once he’s graduated from high school, we can help him take on the next challenges of early adulthood and get him ready for new accomplishments.


For less than CHF 1.- a day you can sponsor a child in Myanmar and join our mission. A sponsorship – or a one-time payment in our Children F0und – provides a child living in poverty with nutritional, educational, household and hygiene support as well as special tuition and vocational training when they’re older. You will receive annual updates on their wellbeing as well as their drawings or letters sent from Myanmar. Please click here to learn more

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