How is the situation in India?

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India began a full 3-week lockdown on March 24th after the first case of Covid-19 was confirmed in January. Though important in limiting the spread of the virus, this lockdown has greatly harmed vulnerable populations who rely on day-by-day earnings to survive. There was also confusion throughout the country over the regulations of the lockdown and caused a breakdown of important supply chains, including access to food for poor communities.

There are currently over 1,600 confirmed cases and is expected to increase quickly as cases are being reported in densely populated slums.

What does it mean for SANNI in India?

In Kerala state, where our project is based, there are over 200 confirmed cases but 0 cases in SANNI’s St John’s hospital. Regardless of the lack of cases so far, the entire SANNI India project, from the hospital to the school and orphanage, has new policies to ensure a clean and safe environment for everyone to work and live in. This is especially important as many of the SANNI-sponsored children living in this area are HIV+ and are especially susceptible to infection.

So Father Jose, the responsible person for our Medical Village St. John’s arranged the following measures:

  • All projects and services are still fully operational
  • Visitors are not allowed to see the children for the lockdown time period
  • Children taught and regularly practice the hygienic way of handwashing
  • School closure and movement restricted outside of St John’s village
  • Additional nutritional food and drugs are given to the vulnerable communities
  • Self-isolation and Self distancing from outsiders
  • Mask and hand sanitizers are given to the children, if they need to go to medical college for routine check-up
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