SANNI participates in the global movement #GivingTuesday (Dec. 3, 2019) with Christmas campaign “Donate a solar panel”

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On Tuesday, December 3, 2019, we will participate for the first time in the global movement #GivingTuesday with our own Christmas campaign “Donate a solar panel”. This Tuesday is a very special day, because it is dedicated to giving and donations all over the world!

Donate a solar panel for CHF 50 / 45 EURO as Christmas present: Help to secure a power supply for children from our sponsorship program and to their families!

Thanks to our generous and dedicated sponsors, we can provide to 350 sponsored children regularly nutrition, medical care, clothing and above all access to education. We look after our children carefully. But often these children live with their families in huts, where there is no or only very expensive electricity.

Help these children and their families to get access to free, green electricity by giving them a solar panel for CHF 50 / 45 EURO as Christmas present. We have already been able to finance and install 100 solar panels for our sponsored children, but 250 families are still waiting…

And this is how you can support:

Gift a solar panel
Become a sponsor

Or would you like to take over a godchild yourself?
For less than CHF 1 a day you give a child a future (CHF 360 / 300 EUR per year)!

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