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In order for the orphaned HIV+ youth living on the St John’s campus to have employment opportunities and a future direction, the ‘SANNI SHOPPI Supermarket’ was established near the St. John’s Health Clinic. The orphans receive training and employment so they can generate their own income. This enables them to develop their skills and independence for the future. The SANNI SHOPPI supermarket is already open and is running very well. At present, 10 employees, including 6 HIV+ youngsters, are working in this supermarket. In order to operate the SANNI SHOPPI supermarket and to transport the required goods, SANNI Foundation was able to secure the purchase of a much-needed travel / transport van at the end of 2018 with the help of a generous sponsorship.
The SANNI SHOPPI Supermarket sells household products such as groceries, including fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as toiletries and kitchen utensils.

It is planned to expand the first floor of the two-storey supermarket to sell clothes, shoes, household items and gift items. The goal is to acquire everything necessary for daily use in one business. This expansion would create 10 additional job opportunities for unemployed HIV adolescents.

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