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Over the years the Woman Empowerment project in Kerala, India has helped woman without means, especially widows and woman with HIV/AIDS. In various projects the woman receive an education, which helps them generate a sustainable income. We help to build their self-efficiency so  the women can improve their quality of life, and become more independent and confident. One of the projects is creating jewellery. In 2018, Frédérique Hutter, ambassador of the SANNI Foundation, spent two months in St. John’s. Amongst doing other valuable work for the foundation, she spent her time creating the «JEWELLERY CAPSULE COLLECTION».

Currently the collection is exclusively available:
Boutique MODESTROM, Seefeldstrasse 110, 8008 Zürich
HATECKE Dependenza, Center Augustin, Stradun 197, 7550 Scuol

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