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Going the extra mile is what SANNI foundation prides itself on, we try our best to help deprived and underprivileged children feel better about themselves. We create opportunities for these children to gain new experiences outside of their day-to-day life. Being able to go on these field trips are mentally stimulating, help the children stay open minded, and allow them to stay positive throughout their hardships. We have been organizing yearly excursions since 2013 for the children in Myanmar. Every child who receives support from the SANNI Foundation is invited on these trips, together with their caretakers. Last year, we had planned a trip to the National Races Village Union of Myanmar; because of rainy seasons flooding, we had to cancel our plans. Instead, we decided to return to the Amusement Park, which had been a huge success the previous year.

Last year we had the largest count of participants ever. With more than 30 new children, we were able to give around 220 kids a unique experience. Many of them suffer from HIV, TB, or have disabilities. Around 150 relatives and caretakers participated and 35 MAM staff volunteered to help. The total number people on the trip was around 400. Through generous sponsors, SANNI Foundation could organize this trip to Happy World, with the aim of introducing teamwork and fun activities in a safe, comfortable, and exciting environment.

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