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Ar Kar always has energy, if he isn’t playing with his friends, he is looking at maps of the world and trying to learn the names of countries. His teacher told us he is always answering her questions in geography class and loves to pretend to be an explorer! But, when we asked him what he wants to be when is older he said he wants to be a doctor.

He and his mother both have HIV. They both take their medical treatment and even though their healthy has greatly improved, it can become very difficult for them when the side effects are strong. Sometimes, Ar Kar needs to rest but sometimes it’s hard for him because he lives in a small and very crowded house with his family, cousins and grandparents.

The whole family struggle to support themselves- the grandparents are growing too old to work, the father abandoned the family and the mother is sometimes too unwell to work a full time job.

However, when the SANNI Foundation, with Medical Action Myanmar, found out about Ar Kar and his family they immediately started to receive support. Ar Kar is given monthly food support so there is never a worry about growing hungry. He receives special school equipment, so he has everything he needs to learn and achieve his dreams to be a doctor and also gets personal household support like new clothes, bed mats and mosquito nets.

During a check-up visit by one of Medical Action Myanmar’s outreach workers, we noticed that the mother was a very talented seamstress and was making beautiful clothes. So, SANNI bought her a sewing machine so she could start up her own business. Now, she doesn’t have to worry about losing a job when her HIV treatment is hard, can work when it is best for her and she gets to work her passion and provide for her son. It also gives the family independence and control of their own lives.

We can’t wait to see what Ar Kar becomes in the future; doctor, explorer or whatever he can dream!

How can you help children like Ar Kar to fulfill his dreams?
Take a sponsorship for a child for 360.- CHF per year.
Or: donate any amount in our children’s funds and we will support children like Ar Kar.

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