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At the end of March, Susanne Schroff returned from her trip to Myanmar, the former Burma, with mixed feelings. On the upside, it was great to see that our visions can become reality. The land for the new clinic has now been purchased; the project is up and running.

On the downside, the circumstances of so many people living in dire poverty are shocking. In particular, many children face a hopeless future without help. They are the children who bring up their younger brothers and sisters, who do not go to school. They are the children who have to work to survive. They are the sick and neglected children, who urgently need social and moral support.

Become a sponsor. A donation of CHF 360 (EUR 240) each year will provide a child with long-term support and protection from our local support workers. “Your” child can attend school and receives school uniform and other clothing. Child and family receive food rations and personal hygiene kits. Your sponsored child gains access to medical care and psychological support. Your contribution can also finance individual support, such as placements for the child or training of the carer.

Bring a human touch to a life by your sponsorship.

Phoe is seven and an orphan. He has HIV and was severely undernourished when he came to the clinic in February 2014. He weighed in at just 8 kg (photograph, left). Now, one month later, he is looking much healthier. Our doctors and care workers have been “feeding him up”. His elder sister, who has never been to school, is responsible for his upbringing. They live in a tiny room and use public toilets. Their only water supply, for drinking and all other purposes, is a public standpipe. Phoe is still looking for a sponsor. Only this can give him access to education and the hope he needs to prepare for the future.


Five-year-old Naw is blissfully happy, despite dire circumstances. She is HIV-positive and her mother is dead. She has two elder siblings who, like her father, are HIV-negative. Her father works as a market stallholder and cannot look after Naw. She lives in an orphanage and attends kindergarten.


Su Pone is 11 months old. Her “big” sister Podsone does not go to school, because their parents cannot afford schoolbooks and uniforms. Sponsorship would enable her to attend school so that she does not stay illiterate!


As with all SANNI Foundation projects, 100% of donations are spent on those in need, as corporate sponsor Rotronic AG meets all administrative costs.

Would you like to sponsor a child or just find out more?
Please e-mail: info@sanni-foundation.com

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