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It was a gesture of generousness when the management and the staff of Cinergy AG decided to donate the amount foreseen for Christmas gifts to their customers, to SANNI Foundation. The full amount without any deduction of administration costs was transferred to Burma. This donation made it possible to make an excursion with the undernourished and HIV+ children to the zoo of Yangon.
On 15 March 2015 the children gathered in the clinic of MAM (Medical Action Myanmar). It was already big fun for them when green T-Shirts and hats were distributed. This was not only to their pleasure but also for security reasons so that no one would get lost. By bus they rode to the zoo and most of them left their township for the very first time. At the zoo they discovered animals they had never seen before, got plenty of food and ice cream.

This excursion, the games they played and the affectionate care made this day an unforgettable one.

Our sincere thanks to Cinergy AG for their decision to delight neglected and sick children at Christmas!

It would be great if others would follow the example of Cinergy AG. The disadvantaged children would be ever so pleased.

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