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Last November – as I do every year – I visited the projects that are supported by the SANNI Foundation, together with representatives of the foundation council and friends. Let me start with the most important point:
It is wonderful to visit the projects, and to see that our finances are put to use so faithfully for the purposes for which they are intended. This is the motivation for us to continue our work, with the objective of improving the lot of the poor and ill. None of this would be possible without your generous assistance, for which we thank you from the bottom of our heart!

Here are some impressions of our trip:

Trivandrum, Southern India

The St. John’s charity in Trivandrum, Kerala, Southern India, led by Father Jose, has for many years been influenced to a great degree by the SCHROFF foundations and the SANNI Foundation. It is most impressive to see how many changes there are from year to year. In the past twelve months, the “SANNI Bhavan” education centre has had two storeys added to it. A completely equipped operating theatre has been added to the hospital. But above all, it was a special pleasure to see how the children are developing, and to see the light in their eyes! Time and time again, we are impressed by the joy of life that the children radiate, despite their hard lot.

What we have achieved so far:

  • Godparents are supporting almost 300 children with contributions of CHF360 a year.
  • The 100-bed hospital has four storeys. It serves the basic health care of the needy population in Trivandrum, and offers out-patient and in-patient medical treatment in various areas. In 2013, it was able to treat over 40,000 patients. The newly equipped operating theatre is used to treat mainly road-accident victims and patients with cardiac diseases and chest infections.
  • More than 1,500 diabetes patients are supplied with insulin and other vital medicines, largely free of charge, in 43 diabetes camps
  • More than 1,300 HIV patients are treated at St. John’s every year.
  • The “SANNI Bhavan” education centre offers women, young people, people affected by HIV and handicapped people from the lowest caste the opportunity to train for different jobs, as a basis for earning a living for them and their families.
  • Up to now, 50 HIV-infected families have received mushroom cultures, in order to supply themselves with healthy food and to generate a modest income.


The second, more recent project of the SANNI Foundation is located in Myanmar, the former Burma. A proper boom has broken out there, with investors pouring into the country and real-estate prices in Yangoon, in some cases, on a par with Tokyo.

On the other hand, Myanmar is in a terrible state in almost all areas. The government invests next to nothing in the health service. Some 100,000 people die every year from treatable diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis and HIV, simply because they have no money.

True to the principle of implementing projects through reliable local people, the SANNI Foundation has for a year now been supporting the charity Medical Action Myanmar (MAM), headed by Dr. Frank Smithuis and Dr. Ni Ni Tun. Meanwhile, MAM runs two clinics. They treat patients that live in the poorest circumstances, above all children suffering from malnutrition, but also those with tuberculosis and HIV. Now that we have had the opportunity to observe the work of MAM for a year, we have decided to intensify our cooperation.

Where is the SANNI Foundation headed in 2014?
In past years, we have played a major part in the establishment of St. John’s in Southern India, so we will now place our emphasis on Myanmar.

Together with MAM, we will set up a clinic in east Yangoon, and finance its operation for two years. In the Fondation Rolf Schnyder-Ulysse Nardin we have found an excellent partner who will jointly finance the project and support us in its implementation. This will allow us to get off to a quick start with the building of the clinic. In a second stage, we are planning to build a children’s home.

We will continue to support the current projects at St. John’s in Southern India (godchildren, mushroom cultures, women’s and education projects).

100% of your money reaches the needy
(all administrative costs are borne by Rotronic AG).

Would you like to give us not only your financial support? We are looking for voluntary workers, and would like to extend our network. We would be grateful for any recommendation, and look forward to exchanging ideas.

Many thanks for your support!

Yours sincerely,
Susanne Schroff

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