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This November, together with my mother, the Foundation councillors Corinne Fischer,
Dr. Melinda Spiesshofer, Dr. Markus Kick and other friends, I visited St. John’s charity, in Trivandrum, Kerala, Southern India lately. This charity institution, led by Father Jose, has been supported by Schroff Stiftungen and Sanny foundation for a very long time already.

It was so impressive to see how much has changed since our last visit one year ago. The Education Centre “SANNI Bhavan” has been completed and put into operation to hold computer and sewing courses as well as other job trainings. In addition, the hospital was extended by two more floors, which are now planned to be equipped. But above all it was great to see how the children have developed and to see their sparkling eyes. Again we have been impressed of the joy and charisma of the children, despite their cruel fate. Cardinal Cleemis said during our visit, that these children have especially positive vibes. This statement impressed me a lot and describes exactly what you feel during a stay at St. John’s.

It is wonderful to visit St. John’s and to see what has been achieved with our financial support trustworthy and well managed by Father Jose. For us this is the motivation to continue our work and to help improve the lives of the poor and sick people in Trivandrum.

What we have achieved so far:

  • Sponsors support more than 250 children with CHF 360 per year.
  • The 100-bed hospital, which was primarily funded by the SANNI-Foundation comprises four floors, serves the basic needs of the vulnerable population in Trivandrum and offers both, outpatient and inpatient medical care in various fields, such as diabetes, general medicine, paediatrics, dermatology, physical therapy, geriatrics, dialysis and emergency care. In the first year more than 20.000 patients were treated.
  • More than 1.500 diabetes patients are provided with mostly free insulin and other essential medicines in 43 diabetes camps.
  • Until today at least 1.300 HIV/AIDS patients have been treated at St. John’s.
  • The education centre “SANNI Bhavan” offers HIV/AIDS-infected youths as well as the poor youths from the lowest caste the opportunity to follow a variety of job trainings setting the base for an autonomous life for themselves and their families.
  • Up to now 50 HIV/AIDS-infected families have received mushroom cultures to provide themselves with healthy food and to generate a small income through the sale of mushrooms.

None of these achievements would have been possible without your generous help!
Please accept our heartfelt thanks.

What next? In 2012, the SANNI-Foundation continues to support St. John’s:

  • As part of the hospital expansion, a modern operation theatre is planned to be established. It will be of great value for the needy population in Trivandrum and will mainly be used to treat traffic casualties and patients with heart diseases or chest infections.
  • St. John’s Health Services needs financial support for a programme to empower women, HIV/AIDS-infected families as well as disabled people. The participants will be trained in various skills to acquire a basic sustenance for themselves and their families. Of particular importance is the health insurance, which they obtain through the program participation for themselves and their entire family, and that is needed urgently.
  • Construction of a biogas plant for own consumption, i.e. more independence
  • Construction of a solar power plant to provide St. John’s with electricity. Energy shortage already is a major issue in India and the problem will significantly increase. Producing solar energy helps solving the problem. Additionally, St. John’s thereby takes a leading role and might motivate others to invest in renewable energy.
  • We are looking for additional godparents for children (CHF 360 per child per year).
  • We support families by providing them with mushroom cultures. Your one-time donation of CHF 350 makes it possible for one to two families to make ends meet.

100% of your money reaches the needy
(all administration cost is paid by ROTRONIC AG, Bassersdorf).

Would you like to give us more than financial support? We are looking for volunteers and would like to extend our network. We are grateful for any recommendation and help.

You will find more information and recent photos on our websites www.sanni-foundation.ch, www.schroff-stiftung.de or on our Facebook-site www.facebook.com/Sanni.Foundation.CH, where we regularly upload photos and news from the Foundation, St. John’s and the children.

With best regards
Susanne Schroff

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